4 March 2006 at 22:19 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

Harry Buys mailed me today. He was at the Chris Whitley-tribute in the Vooruit yesterday and somebody from the Vooruit told him dEUS was playing 100% sure there next saturday on Stubrupuntuit. The damn thing is sold out (according to Stubru), but on the Vooruit-website it's still possible to order tickets for saturday. Only if you have a creditcard (which I have not). So if anyone has got a spare ticket for me...? Please?

About the tribute: Mauro, Alan & Stephane opened the evening with a nice cover of Bread's "Guitar Man". Alan Gevaert did a great performance : a song with his niece (Trixie Whitley) during which he played Chris' national steel guitar (the one pictured on the "Living with the Law" album).

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  1. vie el says:

    oww this is so great, i have already tickets but i bought them a month ago

    mmm seeing dEUS in 2weeks(a dream that comes true)

  2. Laura says:

    There's an error on the vooruit site : saturday it's also sold out :(

  3. Neeltje says:

    Oh man, the moment they said on StuBru that there was going to be another suprise on the Saturday I knew it was going to be dEUS and I was already cursing myself for not buying tickets! I was right, unfortunately... I guess I'll just have to be happy for those who do have tickets...