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Once again, a great evening. I've seen dEUS a couple of times play the Vooruit in the past. My first dEUS-gig (apart from a couple of festivals) was there. March 12th 1995. Eleven years ago.

I arrived in Ghent around 23.00 hours, picked up my ticket and immediately went down to the concerthall. Millionaire was playing an intense set, but I hardly heard a song in the noise. Still a great live-experience though. I joined Jyves afterwards and we looked for a place more up front.
This gig was probably a nice practice for the roadies as well. After Millionaire the whole stage was empty and they had to build up from scratch. Since dEUS was scheduled to play an hour, the setlist could also be a good indication for the festival-setlist. The gig kicked of with Turnpike and never lost any of its tempo. The train kept going for more than an hour.

They played 16 songs: One Advice, Space, Rock Chick, Pocket Revolution, WCS and Hotellounge were dropped compared to the gigs in Vorst. Technically it probably wasn't the best dEUS-gig ever. But the venue and the exclusiveness of this gig compensated that.

I heard a great version of What We Talk About and I loved the bridge between Nothing Really Ends and Bad Timing. Suds & Soda once again included the Sabotage-part and a couple of lines from When The Sun Goes Down (Arctic Monkeys).

I was expecting Tim to join them during If you don't get what you want (he was standing at the side of the stage), but it didn't happen. Tom did a sort of accidental stagedive at the end of the song. He was standing backwards at the front of the stage and fell into the audience with his guitar. That made me think of the first Vooruit-evening in 1996 were almost the whole band stagedived while the Evil Superstars played It's A Sad, Sad Planet.

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