21 March 2006 at 16:57 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

Vlaams Belang-politician Rob Verreycken also blogged about the dEUS-event in Antwerp. He got a mail from the Flemish Muziekcentrum with the news about the European Tour Support for dEUS (16.000 euros). He wonders if dEUS is gonna do a refund of 4.000 euros. His logic: the 16.000 euro is probably paid from the Flemish contribution to Europa. 25% of Flanders votes Vlaams Belang, so dEUS gets 4.000 euros from Vlaams Belang.

Some background about Verreycken: in May 2004 he had a clash with his wife from which he was divorcing. He has custody of their three children. One morning his wife was waiting for them to come out of their home and attacked her estranged husband with pepper spray. Verreycken then beat her up, breaking her nose, and causing other injuries. The prosecuting office ruled that both were guilty, but that they would not be taken to court as the offences outweighed each other.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Euhm guys,

    I don't see the actual meaning about these posts. I come here to read some cool facts about a great band and the last two days I've been seeing some gutter gossip about some politicians I don't care about. Let the politicians do their work and let dEUS perform some fantastic gigs. The best way to fight a party like VB is to fully ignore them and by doing all these efforts you just make matters worse.
    On the VB-voters point of view. I have trouble to think that all VB-voters are stupid, most of them actually vote for VB to send the current establishment a message that it can't go on like this. In Antwerp for instance we see a coalition of green parties, liberals and socialists and all they do is wine about the VB in stead of taking care of their immigrant population who need much more help than they are getting at the moment to find decent housing, money for food and a good education.
    Ok, VB is a nationalist and racist party and I condemn that fact with all my heart but politicians (and musicians) should concentrate on solving the causes why people vote for VB in stead of trying to fight these ridiculous personal battles.

    At least that is one person's view on it; now let's get back to the music.

  2. Neeltje says:

    Indeed, it's only one person's opinion! I for one do not agree with you, anonymous. This blog simply highlights all the instances where dEUS have been mentioned, and gives some background info whenever necessary. Besides, a court ruling can hardly be called 'gutter gossip'.