20 March 2006 at 23:44 posted by Jean-Yves 1 Comment

As part of the Vadermoord festival at STUK in Leuven, Chantal Acda and Marissa (Chacda) played the following dEUS songs during their tribute set tonight:

Wake Me Up Before I Sleep (acoustic guitar and organ)
Gimme The Heat (banjo and organ)
Hotellounge (piano)
Secret Hell (acoustic guitar and organ)
Little Arithmetics (acoustic guitar and banjo)
Magdalena (piano and piano-flute)
Serpentine (acoustic guitar and xylophone)

Very nice and personal versions. Chantal Acda has a beautiful voice, and it was fantastic to hear those songs in a fresh new perspective. The very, very stripped-down version of Hotellounge was my favourite.

The main act was Sioen covering Björk. He was only singing (but singing Björk is quite a challenge already) accompanied by 3 brass players, on saxophone and flute. The musical arrangements were absolutely mindblowing.

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  1. Harry says:

    Did anybody make a recording of the Chacda set ?