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There's an interview with Stef Kamil Carlens in this week's Humo. He's talking about dEUS a couple of times.

  • He knew Mark Sandman (Morphine) very well. Sandman's girlfriend's parents lived in Brussel. When he came to Belgium he always called Stef to Jam. He called Tom to party. ,,Tom is not a jammer."
  • Bands with more than one songwriter are always getting in trouble after a couple of years. Ego's are getting too big. Now dEUS is Tom's band (he does most of the writing) and that's clear for everyone
  • He understands Mauro is willing too play with dEUS. Stef did some session for A Song About A Girls with Mauro too. He's a songwriter and a guitarplayer and he constantly thinks what kind of stuff does this song needs. Mauro is the best possible sidekick for Tom.
  • Citro├źn has offered dEUS 1.000.000 old Belgian francs to use one of their songs, but dEUS liked to get a little tourbus.
  • They also refused an offer (4.000.000 francs) from Belgacom to play 4 gigs with a banner of the company behind them.

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