16 February 2006 at 19:43 posted by Bart Van Belle 6 Comments

I tried a new design for this blog. Let me know if you like it. The topbanner is based on the South Park-dEUS Tijs created a while ago. In the left menu you'll find all stuff directly related to this blog. On the right side I've put the search box and some useful links to online music stores selling dEUS-music, eBay and Google ads. It's not finished yet, but i wanted to share it anyway. Thanks for your feedback!

6 Responses so far.

  1. Hans says:

    Previous design was a whole lot better, classier and smoother. Don't really like this one, doesn't comply with the dEUS-atmosphere at all.

    Just my thoughts...

  2. gabhq79 says:

    My thoughts too

  3. Jyves says:

    I find it quite childish and I agree with Hans that the previous design fit dEUS much more. But the thumbnail sidebar is a very good idea!

  4. Bart says:

    it's the topbanner you dislike?

  5. Jyves says:

    Yeah... It's fun that the image was created in the first place, but using it as the blog's visual identity, I think it's kinda awkward. Even though the South Park Tom rocks big time.

    Also, the previous lay-out was more clear, this one looks a bit cluttered. Perhaps it would be better if you added colour to the POCKET REVOLUTION - dEUS bar under the little guys, so that it doesn't look like they're sitting on empty blank space, too.

    Anyway, this is no big issue to me, as far as content is concerned your blog still KICKS ASS!!!

  6. tijs says:

    ik snapte de link tussen mijn southparkpoppetjes en uw update al niet, maar u had ze alweer veranderd.