8 February 2006 at 03:52 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

dEUS has won 4 Zamu-awards (out of 6 nominations). They won the awards for best album, best musician (Mauro), best composer (Tom) and best rockband. Absynthe Minded, one of Tom favourite bands, received two awards: best singer and best song (My heroics, part one). The award for the best live-act went to Gabriel Rios. A complete overview of the winners can be found here.

Since dEUS was playing an in-store in Rotterdam yesterday evening, they were not at the ceremony. The show will we broadcasted on Canvas next sunday at 1 PM.

Update: Wouter was at the ceremony. Four videomessages by dEUS were aired. The band was eating French fries. Some pieces of the video for What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love) were also shown. According to Wouter it looked kitchy: a white background, the band was dressed in white, some dancers (also in white) and a lot of flashlight-effects special effects.

Update2 : a 'still' from one of the videomessages over here. You'll notice Tom and Christian.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The still from the videomessage has Tom and Klaas, not Christian.