25 January 2006 at 17:20 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

What's your opinion about the following statement

,,Seeing dEUS live today isn't as great as it could have been ten years ago''

(from this blog)

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  1. Tijs says:

    i've only seen dEUS live in 2004 with danny & craig. what I especially liked about early-dEUS was the chemistry between skc, rudy and tom. when rudy left, stef's voice was still there and i love his voice. when stef left the music didn't get worse but i prefer stefs voice above craigs [no offense, he's a great guitarplayer & songwriter]. i adore the songs of the ideal crash and pocket revolution, but what i miss is the importance of the backing vocals which used to be a second leadvocal [glovesong, suds & soda]. now it's really something on the background. so i'd rather seen them ten years ago, although i'm very excited to see them next month [in brussels] because i think the show will be amazing. i assume there's more show than ten years ago, but there will probably be less experimental shit.

  2. Erin says:

    Hey, I was absolutely mortified to see a link to my blog... It was only intended for close friends and family to read while I'm away from home. So, to be honest, if I were writing for dEUS fans, there would be a lot more comments up there. I didn't bring SKC into my critique because none of my readers really know dEUS. I agree with tijs-- I also really miss his unique sound and contributions to the music.
    Despite my embarrassment, I hope any potential readers enjoy.

    Maybe now I know my readership is growing, there will be more Belgian Music Updates...

    Thanks for the terrific blog, by the way-- what a fabulous resource for those of us captivated by everything dEUS!

  3. Anonymous says:

    WCS tour ( st jean de vedas- montpellier): stef & rudy, 20 personnes maximum et un super concert(privé?)

    In a bar, under the sea ( sala garage, barcelona & girls against boys): no stef, no rudy et mauvaise ambiance sur scène (tom regarde de travers klass) et public hooligan... Graig et tom d'1 coté et les autres de l'autre.

    ideal crash ( sala bikini, barcelona): salle pleine et concert correct.

    pocket revolution(sala apolo, barcelona):LE concert.
    set-list parfaite, ambiance electrique, inoubliable.