19 December 2005 at 08:16 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

There was an interview with Tom in Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad last saturday. The guy who followed dEUS on the French tour for Knack went to see them in Athens too. Here are the headlines.

  • dEUS is touring Israël, Thailand, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in 2006
  • The gigs in Israël are scheduled at the beginning of February
  • A US-tour is less of more certain. They're probably playing South By Southwest too.
  • There's a chance Mark Lannegan will be supporting dEUS in the US.
  • According to Tom the Shepherd's Bush-gig was the best one of this tour. Other top-gigs were Dijon, Strasbourg, Paris and Orléans.
  • They played 2 or 3 bad gigs.
  • There will not be a live-album, only a live-dvd
  • Mauro will be available for dEUS in 2006
  • Tom and Mauro will start writing new material in january.
  • The next album is planned for the end of 2006 or the beginning of 2007

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