13 October 2005 at 13:12 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

I managed to get two tickets for the concert in Vorst Nationaal. One hell of job since both the website of Goformusic and Sherpa were almost not reachable this morning. I tried several times to order by phone but some voice told me ordering by phone was not possible anymore. On my fifth try it did work and i could order.

You can still order through Sherpa.be or Fnac.be

Update 13.17 hour : it looks sold out. De Standaard already has an article about it.

Update: 13.49 hour: someone is already offering tickets on eBay. Click here for all items.

Update 16.49 hour: there's a waitinglist.

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  1. Nele says:

    After I kept trying and trying, I jumped on my bicycle and rode to Fnac to buy my tickets!

  2. zea says:

    horrible news!
    will there still be tickets available somewhere?