10 October 2005 at 08:21 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Just scanned Google for some more reviews of Pocket Revolution. And here's the result. I'd better make sort of an overview of all reviews I mentioned on this blog.

Terapija, Repeatfanzine, Elegastswingcafé, M-La-Music, Impatto Sonoro, Kronic, Melodick, Blackmailmag, GMX, This Is Lancashire (probably the shortest), Excite.it, Plattentest Online, CD-starts, Kataweb Musica, Divergence, Infratunes, The Ticket, Ranablad, Les Inrocks, Waste Of Mind, Musik Report, Rockroll.gr, Bokson, Lydhoer.dk, Beats.hu, Kristianstadsbladet, Scotland On Sunday, Stars are underground, Letemps.ch

And here's an interview from Todaslasnovedades and one from Presto.

Update : another one from Der Standart

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