14 October 2005 at 08:16 posted by Bart Van Belle 4 Comments

Could you imagine this. 18 people are already selling tickets for the Vorst-concert on eBay. They're just trying to make some money on poor fans that haven't got a ticket. And of course: it's the economy, baby. If people want to give 60 euros for one ticket, there's no problem. But i really wouldn't give that much money for a concert-ticket. How much is a ticket worth to you?

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  1. Nele says:

    I payed 50 Euros for my ticket for the AB show on Wednesday, but I bought it from Anne-Sophie on ISR. I would never buy tickets on ebay and would never spend more than 50 Euros!

  2. Jyves says:

    whaaaat? Anne-So made you pay 50 euros??? She made profit on her favourite band? Fucking bitch :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Radiohead in Forest National
    65€ for a "last minut ticket"
    After all, it was a fucking great deal...

  4. Girl with the Bubblegum says:

    Hmm, in the past I've sometimes had to sell an extra ticket because someone had gotten sick or had to be abroad for work, but I've never - and I do mean never - made a profit by doing so. I've just sold my friends AB ticket 11/10 to a 17-year old for 27,25 EUR and he was over the moon. I'd like to think that other people would be so honest also, but apparently that is not the case, not even with "true" dEUS-fans. Sad!