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A three part-video-interview with Tom from the Chatshow Network.

In Part 1 Sarah discusses Tom’s home-city of Antwerp, famous for fashion and Rubens. Tom is the only original member of dEUS and Sarah asks him how he manages to keep the essence of dEUS going with it’s changing band members. They discuss his favourite audiences and how he sees his music.

Part 2 is where Tom educates us on the pronunciation of the name ’dEUS’. Next they talk about
the new album, Pocket revolution, and dEUS’ new direction. dEUS has some pretty famous fans as well, REM and Radiohead being amongst them.

In Part 3, Tom talks about touring England, Ireland and Scotland and how they keep on schedule
and keep changing the set list. He can’t remember all the songs he’s ever recorded – a sign of a good time I think. Sarah and Tom talk Belgium, contemporary dance(!) and rock. Check out Cheesy Dips to find out which possession Tom couldn’t possibly live without.

(thx to pale_blue_eyes)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way to download this video?

  2. Anonymous says:

    We should all call him Tom Barton from now on!! ;-)