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Here's an extensive track by track analysis from Pocket Revolution. It's based on various source. If you have extra info, just send me an e-mail and I will add it.

Bad Timing

  • last song they wrote. A miracle according to Tom
  • recorded on a lazy sunday afternoon
  • everyone was enthusiastic after recording it
  • ,,It sucks you into the record"
  • inspired by the movie Bad Timing
  • first title was Everything you need, you'll get from here (the final scene from the movie)
  • one of Tom's all-time dEUS-favorites
  • old-school dEUS
  • originally a very quiet, melodic song, recorded more up-tempo because Tom had the feeling the album had too few real rocksongs

    7 days, 7 weeks
  • written by Tom and Craig
  • written for his sister and all people who went to bad periods
  • since a couple of years Tom is closer with his sister
  • first single, although it's not their choice. ,,The recordcompany should sell it, so they pick the singles"
  • ,,I couldn't have written this 6 years ago''
  • ,,a difficult one to sing"

    Stop start nature
  • first they wanted to record everything live, but it sucked, so they did it the old dEUS-way
  • typically dEUS-multi-layered song
  • has grown each day
  • baseline by CJ Bolland, chorus has some Beefheart in it
  • lyrics are self-relativating
  • will be a killer live

  • If you don't get what you want

  • remixed with Tim Vanhamel doing something on the guitar in the beginning
  • the UK wants to release it as a regular single
  • Tom is happier with the new mix
  • much punchier and tenser than the 2004-mix
  • recorded the way they play it live

    What we talk about
  • Inspired by Some Kinda Love from Velvet Underground.
  • Tom wanted also a simple song about love
  • title comes from the novell by Raymond Carver
  • with CJ adding some effects
  • one of the favorites during last year's tour
  • the voice in the beginning is Tom's voice slowed down

    Include me out
  • intro is the second miracle: Tom wanted a radio in it. They didn't find one in the studio (although there was loads of gear). They digged one up in the cellar and the first thing they heard on the middlewave was an English documentary about the first spaceship. First sentence they could record was ,,Hello from the children of planet Earth). Perfect because they had chosen the artwork at that moment.
  • Tom's favorite
  • he's very proud of it
  • also called Firewinds at a certain moment
  • Guy Van Nueten on piano
  • written in a difficult period
  • Tom doesn't know what it's about: ,,I'll find out''

    Pocket Revolution
  • song about broken friendships and the feeling of being stuck
  • also about the departure of Craig and Danny
  • ,,Sister or brother from Zea"
  • reflects the state of mind Tom was in at that time
  • a new style of dEUS
  • with Stef and Radio Candip
  • written right after the break-up last year
  • lyrics are very honest and mean
  • recorded at the same time as Include Me Out
  • a key-song together with Bad Timing

  • the first song Tom wrote based on a riff
  • featuring a ,,Suds and soda" by Klaas at the end
  • fantastic hip hop beat by Stephane
  • a sexy and funky song
  • they're gonna play it live like the Beastie Boys play a rocksong
  • about seeing the two sides from everything
  • perfect to play live after Fell Off The Floor, Man

    Cold Sun of Circumstance
  • ,,a killer''
  • recorded with the old line-up
  • riff with two guitars and the violin
  • text are the ten commandments of Tom's live
  • ,,a motherfucker to record"
  • was the opening track until they recorded Bad Timing

    The Real Sugar
  • the slow opposite of If you don't get what you want
  • written with Mark Sandman in mind
  • very melodic and simple
  • was meant to be on the Magnus-album first
  • Tom is proud about the lyrics ‘Baby, I'm trying hard to sound vague’

    Sun Ra
  • vintage dEUS
  • about the thinking that's in your head when you can't sleep
  • fantastic loops by Klaas
  • written by the previous line-up with Stef
  • a rollercoaster

    Nothing Really Ends
  • on the record because it wasn't released in Japan and the States before
  • re-recorded to let the sound fit with the rest of the record
  • the vocals were not re-recorded
  • Bebel Gilberto is considering a cover
  • Tom wanted to send it to Johny Cash

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    1. Nico says:

      Nice work !
      But I think it should be :
      first title was Everything you need, you'll get from HER (not here) (the final scene from the movie)