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I found another impression and some pics from the Palermo-gig. It's in Italian so I don't have a clue what it's about. Anyone?
Trellheim pointed me to this other review from Debaser. Also in Italian, but since the concert gets 5/5, we understand what it's about ;-)

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  1. trellheim says:

    the first link, very roughly translated and cut very short:

    the guy says he travelled 700 km to see the gig (and still i wonder: if he's such a big dEUS fan how can he get their names wrong?), he met them in the afternoon after the soundcheck and was probably the only person there who knew them. they were a bit cold at the beginning of the gig but he says it's quite understandable because they haven't played live in the last 4 years (where the hell was this guy last year????). tom is a great frontman, he jumps around, dances, screams, he says a few things in italian, making obvious mistakes and it sounds really funny. this guy says they opened the gig with what we talk about, but we know they didn't. tom said "this is dEUS' first gig in 2005" and the PA fucks up as soon as they start, so when they start again tom announces it as dEUS's second gig. there wasn't much public response, but the gig was still powerful and energetic. he says they're all very good but the bass player doesn't look really into it.

  2. CWTAB says:

    Well, very rough translation of the review of Palermo:

    dEUS: Live at Kals'art Overground Festival in Palermo, 03-09-2005

    Strange alchemy that one that alloys dEUS to Palermo. Before stage in order of time of Italian new tournèe 2005 of the Belgian group, is a point of contact between two worlds, that sicialian and that one fiammingo, than they do not have to share not even a small piece of
    history, than they are not known, than with approval of the union and of the others, they are ignored.

    Well, in one delays evening of an attended september it can for pure case to come true an unexpected encounter, where Palermo thirsty and spells from a part, outlandish
    musicians Belgian from the affable air from the other, take confidence between a wrapping atmosphere pregnant and both guarded ,attend of being repay to you from that still it is not very precise, but that it will not be late to arrive; a cavalleresco ducking, an eccentric salute, the ignited lights.

    The beginning is reassuring: melodic vaguely country of a piece, the how much recognizable one as "Instant Street" rocks already the crowd in a calm and pleasant scene, an execution of Barman and Pawlowski to the guitars that seems to have itself to conclude, after the normal repetition of strofe and recorded in most traditional of the ends to jump already on the scene the more blood nature of the band here Belgian, with guitars and drum bottom that
    in one sweeping climax removes the breath for the three final minutes of the piece: made curious Palermo assembled in the splendid Magione Public square begins to understand who is the dEUS.

    And in order not to know to betray the expectations, here that Barman and companions lead us for hand from one scene to the other: it is the moment of the "Worst Case Scenario", the job of the '94, than in spite of an agreement that for the truth seems to risentire very of the lack of the Carlens mourning, it knows to still be involved for that unmistakable alternation of rhythms and pauses that a lot has characterized the first production dEUS; the feeling is
    that one to open for before turns a discarded gift never, a gift that only the chance has made to remain to the dark one of a earth that it knows to appreciate the good music, a gift that now is just the fate to already deliver in the hands of one crowd participating.

    The magnetic notes of the Belgians are allowed without stopping through the explosion of by now the imminent "Pocket Revolution", in stores on 12 september: "7 Days, 7 Weeks", title-track and "If You Don' t Get What You Want" between the successive exhibitions, but the magic happens through most atypical of live pieces a tradition of the group, that tormented & melodic mix "Theme From Turnpike" that only the cult of the intriging one "In A Bar, Under the Sea" of the 1996 can virtue know: to difference of already performed "Fell Off
    The Floor, Man", enjoys the same agreement of originates them, and from such it cannot leave the more and more numerous crowd overwhelmed. "He said: Not more loud music " like an oblique one recorded for the entire public square, the hands remain glue to
    the bottles of beer without being able itself to move, whichever drop drunk now would remain in throat without to sink: the impression is that one of stordimento, but that does not prevent, to the end of the best one of the executions of the evening, to finally unglue the hands
    from drinks and other for respect to this splendid concert.

    Now Palermo and the band of Antwerpen are finally comprehensing, , more
    does not form knowing them. Impossible not to cite the splendid melodic POP-ROCK of "Little Arithmetics" and "The Magic Hour", anticipating of a second and definitive return on the theater box of Barman and companions whom an anthology piece r like "Suds &
    Soda", other unexpected surprise for the Palermo public,
    historical piece from the sonorità much controversial to make to
    acquit to violin of the talented Klaas Janzoons the role of ritmic base; still "The Real Sugar" and "Coils", then the escalating point of the hypnotic "Bad Timing" of "Pocket Revolution", as a last pearl, to conclude with the words by Barman: This is the last song tonight, really... thank you".

    I know it's not that good, but you get an idea of what it is all about...


  3. trellheim says:

    ah, the wonders of babelfish...

  4. CWTAB says:

    Hehe, no not the wonders of babelfish, it's a better one: http://www.systransoft.com/index.html

  5. trellheim says:

    not much better, if you ask me ;)

  6. JP says:

    Oh, I'm the author of the review of the first commented post: I was speaking about gigs in Italy last year, they have not changed their lineup?
    They not started with that song, I knew soon, I was a nit drunken but I don't like to change my posts, until the time i wrote them, cos i love the 'live' writing.

    You wrote: "and still i wonder: if he's such a big dEUS fan how can he get their names wrong?"
    I could make some mistakes. I'm not belgian nor english, so i cannot use the right names for things.

    They made a mistake in playing istant street, after they restarted and there was the thing of 'first and second deus show of the tour'.

    Many Kisses.