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Here are the main items from the interviews with Klaas in De Morgen and De Standaard this weekend. You can still read the interview from De Standaard here.

  • During the past 5 years he hasn't tought a second about dEUS
  • He tought it was over after the 1999-tour
  • He has been busy with his bar and concerthall Plaza Real in Borgerhout
  • He quit school at 17 to play with dEUS
  • He considered making a solo-album
  • Tom helped him a bit with the RĂ©sistance-soundtrack. The production company of the movie prefered a different kind of soundtrack. The movie was a disaster. Maybe Klaas will edit the things he recorded and release it.
  • He can look at dEUS from a distance now. And he finally sees how fantastic the albums are
  • ,,dEUS would remain dEUS even if Tom and I leave''
  • he compares dEUS with U2. Tom and Klaas have never known anything else than dEUS.
  • He and Tom are not the kind of friends that talk a lot about their private lives. Tom wasn't even invited for the opening op Plaza Real althought they recorded NRE the same day
  • He doesn't know what Tom's lyrics are about
  • In the early days Klaas wasn't happy with Tom getting all the attention
  • Stef asked him to join dEUS: they knew each other from school
  • the main evolution of the band is that they make more mainstream, structured music
  • this line-up is the most professional one
  • he noticed dEUS is hip for the younger generation in a way Velvet Underground was for them
  • he enjoys being on tour, but since he's a father now it will be different

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