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Here are the main items from the Deng-interview

  • Tom has a very good feeling about PR, he's feeling relaxed
  • Last year he said the new album would be very Velvet Undergroud, but it isn't so
  • He repeated his statement about Sister Dew from Zomergasten. He thinks he doesn't sing it good enough. Nick Cave or Kurt Cobain would do a better job.
  • Craig described Tom once as a born tune smith. According to Tom it's one of the few positive things Craig had to say about him
  • The album is produced by dEUS. First Craig was going to do it, but it didn't work out. Tom spent most of the time. Stephane attended a lot of the mixing part and Mauro and Klaas gave some very good remarks
  • Breaking up with Craig was hard
  • ,,Mauro saved me"
  • Tom is proud of all dEUS-line-ups
  • ,,The new line-up is the first conflictless one. But it's not less talented."
  • Stef and Rudy didn't leave only because of Tom's ego, also because of their own ego's
  • The first dEUS-gig was in the Paradoks on November 20th 1989
  • The riff from Fell Off The Floor, Man has inspired Blur for Song 2. Damon Albarn admits that
  • Tom hasn't played as much guitar on a record as on Pocket Revolution
  • 3 tracks are about women
  • Producing Magnus was fun. Producing dEUS was hell
  • They rehearsed 25 songs for the tour including : all songs from Pocket Revolution, the classics, one song (from WCS) they have never played live before, one cover (Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac) and probably two Magnus-songs (Assault on Magnus and Jumpneedle)
  • They are planning shows from about 1,5 hours. If the atmosphere is ok, they can go up to two hours.
  • Tom will be disappointed if not all shows are sold out
  • Tom doesn't think the public interest in dEUS is less than before
  • About the Vlaams Belang-concert: it will be one big party with good bands and (hopefully) a lot of people. Don't expect political statements whatsoever.

BTW: The Deng-website has the cover-pic with Tom as a background. You can download it here. And if you subscribe Deng you get Pocket Revolution for free

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  1. William says:

    nice one! one remark: all of the "Pocket Revolution"-songs, except for three of them are about women! ; )