7 September 2005 at 15:33 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

Here's another Italian review from Pocket Revolution. The musiczine Sentire a scoltare gives it 6.2/10. And here's a review from Der Spiegel (7) and an interview with Westzeit. And a French review from Popnews can be found here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The rating is 6,2/10, but the judgement of the words is much worse.
    Basically Stefano Solventi (usually a very good reviewer, to be honest) says that PR is manierism.
    "The capacity to build what is not possible to listen to without deja-vu's".

    He likes some tracks:
    "Translucent wave mixed with gospel in S/SN"
    "Unbridled funky and bossa appearances in the '80s party Nightshopping"
    "Rotten glam in between Jane's Addiction and Afghan Whigs in CSOC"
    "The turbid psycho raga of Sun Ra"
    "The morbid soul intoxication of TRS"
    "The elegant and a little haughty tango of NRE"

    "The obtuse linearity in crescendo of BT"
    "The trivial delight of WWTA"
    "The title-track, stiffened in a bowiean gospel-soul obsession"
    "They remind the latest, unwelcome, Red Hot Chili Peppers in 7D7W and Include Me Out, or even the trash-king Billy Idol in IYDGWYW"
    "Not to say how much the preferential lane reserved to Barman's voice is annoying, as if to confess that it is by now the sole peculiarity of dEUS"

    That's it.
    And I was so stupid to consider Bad Timing one of their best ever... ;)


  2. neeltje says:

    The German review gives a slightly better rating (7/10). But they think dEUS 'remains under the shadow of it's past'. They seem to think Instant Street was the best dEUS record. They call it an instant classic.

    Apparently they favour the softer songs. They compare '7 days 7 weeks' to 'Instant Street' and 'Little Arithmetics'. That song, 'Nothing really ends' and 'Include me out' are according to them the only songs that can 'keep pace' with dEUS' older work.

    They think 'Nightshopping' and 'What we talk about...' are "below dEUS' level", although they still say it's a very good record, just not as good as the previous ones...