31 August 2005 at 19:21 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

I was doing my weekly round-up of dEUS on Google and I bumped into Edel.at, a site with info about the promo for the album that was or is done in Germany and Austria. We can expect something on Viva/MTV Deutschland and Go Tv (Austria).

Visions Magazine will have four pages about dEUS in October. There will be features and reviews in Musikexpress, Intro, Tip, Access, Slam, Uncle Sallys, Spex, Rolling Stone ....

And it looks like they also know how the album scores in the different magazines. Rather good if you ask me.

Spex (09), INTRO (08), Musikexpress (10), RollingStone (10), Visions (10)

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  1. lovedeus says:

    in the visions magazine the album gets a rating of 9 in the revisions sections and a rating of Ø7,6 in the "soundcheck" (rated by 10 people from the magazine)