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I have no cable-tv and wasn't able to watch Zomergasten live last sunday. Someone recorded it for me and I watched the first part yesterday evening. Two things that were not mentioned anywhere else yet.

  • dEUS stopped playing Sister Dew live because Tom thinks he doesn't sing it well enough. He knows at least three or four people who can sing it beter
  • The real sugar, one of the songs on Pocket Revolution is dedicated to Mark Sandman, the singer of Morphine. He died on stage on July 3rd 1999 in Rome, a couple of weeks after dEUS played the same venue.
    Sandman has been a big influence for Tom, he told in a couple of interviews. dEUS and Morphine toured the USA together back in 1997 and Dana Colley, the sax-player of Morphine played on Supermarketsong and joined dEUS a couple of times on stage.

You can watch Zomergasten here (Real Player needed).

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