11 August 2005 at 16:03 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

The radio-session dEUS played for Studio Brussel's Bassta in 1996 is now available as a torrent. Enjoy!

    1. Little arithmetics
    2. Nine threads
    3. Serpentine
    4. Opening night
    5. Disappointed in the sun
    6. Me and your mother
    7. For the roses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ok, just to get things straight,
    two days ago, i wrote down this:

    that's not really a problem at all. people who were planning to go the nighttown gig kept looking for tickets no matter what was been posted here, so bartvanbelle can sleep tight because no one will be mad at him.

    if this have showed up in the official deus.be then i think that would be a problem.
    because of the "official" thing.

    but then again, we all only have to thank bart to keep us update with deus news, so we don't have to browse the deus community all the time.

    of course if deus.be had a more appelative design and a more practical access to the news, there would be no need to create this kind of blogs.

    as this doesn't happens (deus.be is a shit in what design concerns, and the homepage is so ridiculous... - for example, hotellounge.com is way way way better) we only have to thank bart for keeping us posted.

    at least i thank him


    which was an "answer" for this:

    Anonymous said...
    Why is that so strange? You have to be careful about reporting these kind of things. Nobody has confirmed that Nighttown and Paradiso have been sold out (at least not on the official dEUS website: here)...


    then someone said this:

    Anonymous said...
    Good morning Jean-Yves


    and bart:

    Bart said...
    Thanks Jyves,

    concerning Nighttown : the official nighttow Site said the last tickets were on sale throught Ticketservice. And the site of ticketservice told me tickets were no longer available. I wasn't guessing, i was just thinking logical...


    so, this is just to get this straight, it was me hb who wrote it down and not jyves.

    it happens that i (and a lot of dEUS fans) really appreciate jyves site but that does not mean that we're all named jean yves.

    just to shut up some arrogant "official" webmasters...