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Jyves saw CJ Bolland last saturday on the Dour-festival and as he is the webmaster of the Magnus-website he was able to talk to him about the new dEUS-record. Main things to remember:

  • there will be a CJ Bolland-remix of Stop/Start Nature
  • after the dEUS-tour he and Tom will work on a second Magnus-album.

On Saturday I met CJ Bolland, he'd come to see Front 242, his favourite band ever. He didn't know yet about the Pocket Revolution leak ("I hope Tom doesn't know, he'll get completely mad") and was very surprised that it was there so soon. So I asked him about the album, and he told me that producing Pocket Revolution was the hardest thing he's ever done. As I suspected, there's Magnus material in there: Stop/Start Nature ("That's me and Tom!") which he will remix, and What We Talk About.

CJ says that spending 5 months with the band was very, very difficult and rewarding ("You have to manage those guys... I was a producer and a shrink") and those days were the most sleepless of his life ("We were in the studio every day from 11 in the morning to 5 the next morning, and on some days I had to take the plane in the evening for a DJ set somewhere in the world, and came back the day after and into the studio again"). He absolutely loved doing it, but he's glad that he can finally finish his own new album, and then he wants to get back with Tom for a second Magnus album when dEUS are done touring.

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